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Fulani Herdsmen With AK-47s, Killing In Nigeria Are From Mauritania— President Buhari

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammad Buhari has stated a now controversial statement, that created a score of addresses since it was mentioned. The president mentioned among other things, that the Fulani Herdsmen who are said to be armed with sophisticated weapons, roaming across Nigeria and causing terror by killing and maiming people, are not at all Nigerians.

This statement was made by the president, who disclosed that there is a fine resemblance between the Nigerian Fulani people and these “people.” Infact, he claims that they have similar cultures and look much alike, enough that they can be mistaken for each other, and can be quite difficult to differentiate them.


While addressing several issues facing the country, as asked in an interview, which was exclusive to Arise TV, the president, in the early hours of Thursday, said he is Fulani and cannot deny being one. However, he stated clearly that the herders, who he believes are Nigerians are those who hold and bear sticks and machetes to cut grass for their cattle.

The President addressed the controversial issue that has been presented by people all over the nation, in terms of his affiliation with the Fulani tribe. Referencing the Fulani issue that engulfed Benue and sparked a reaction from the Governor of the state, the president said, “The problem is trying to understand the culture of cattle rearers. There is a culture of the Fulanis. So, the government of Benue said I’m not disciplining the cattle rearers because I’m one of them.”

In his attempt to explain the situation further, the president also mentioned that the” he cannot deny to be one of them,” byt the Governor of Benue is being “unfair” to him, which immediately made him respond, saying that “Nigerian cattle rearers are not carrying anything more than a stick, sometimes a machete to cut trees and give to animals.”


The President went on to claim that those who are known to carry sophisticated weapons are not actually Nigerian herders, rather, they are from the Sahel desert area. In his words, “They are Fulani people from Mauritania, Central Republic Africa. They look the same, so they will think they are Nigerians.” Speaking again on the close relativity or resemblance between the Fulani in Nigeria and those who he claims are from the Sahel desert area, Mauritania.

However, the president, after clearing out the issue, responding to the questions posed by the Arise TV Journalists on the Fulani Herdsmen, began to assure Nigerians that his government is “trying to resuscitate these cattle routes, grazing areas and make them accountable,” Buhari said.”

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