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“Fulani People Are The Real Owners Of Nigeria According To 1999 Constitution”

One of the Yoruba leaders who is known as Pro Oyebanji according to a video shared on the Internet spoke on the need of the Yoruba people of Nigeria to seclude themselves from Nigeria.

According to him, they have made so many moves on how they will accomplish their aim, and this period they do not need to deceive themselves if they want to achieve their aim there are some ways they will follow. He spoke thus: If one wishes to look for what befits him, one does not need to fight or make some violence moves because it shall come easily and that is what we need in Nigeria if we want to separate.

The Igbos have tried in the struggle and they know that this time we the Yorubas to are serious to go our ways, we have met with them, we have met with people of the middle belt and those in the South- South, all that we wanted is secession, but we must not use violence if we want. Some Yorubas youth have been saying it will be bloody because they’ ll use violence, but we don’ t need that, as we do not pray to see a human corpse on the streets.

What we believed in the treaty that the entire world believed, which stipulated that: every nationality has a right to self- determination when they are ready to do their self- determination, they do not have to tell anybody. So as a Nigerian youth who want secession, you must propagate it, through your speeches, be it on radio, if you can write you will put it in the newspaper, you will put it on the internet, you must organise a gathering where your voices can be heard in that way the international body will hear your voices without violence.

You must voice out so that all the world we hear you, I believe sooner or later the UN will intervene and something good will come out of it. Recently, a youth in Kogi made such a move and he was arrested but what happened later? He was released because there is no case against it, so no one can arrest you if you are voicing it out.

The Nigerian Constitution of 1999 caused the most problem in Nigeria, Abdulsalam Abubakar called his Hausa and Fulani people to build the 1999 Constitution, they arranged everything that pleases them and put it in the Constitution. Abdulsalaam Abubakar If one studies the Nigerian 1999 Constitution, it consisted of all the Nigerian ministries which are ninety- eight.

The ministries are education, Works, power, Agriculture and so on. When they now shared it, the federal government now has sixty- eight and the other thirty was released to the states. Out of the thirty, they now made it clear that the federal government has authority over it which means the federal government has power over all states in Nigeria.

That is why we say Nigeria belongs to the Hausa and Fulani, if we go into the abyss of the Constitution, Nig belong to the Fulani because they are the one ruling at present, that is why Miyetti Allah are saying all the country land belongs to them.


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