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Fulanis Are Also Victims Of Bandits – Miyetti Allah

The Miyyati Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) stated that the conflict at the Atyap headquarters in the local government area of ​​Zangon Kataf in Kaduna state has so far caused 16 deaths, the majority of whom are women. and children, and that more than 300 houses belong to those reported, The Fulani were reduced to ashes in different villages of the chiefdom.

MACBAN also said that the Fulani herdsmen are also victims of the brutality of the bandits, and they do not let anyone go, because “every time the victim does not pay the ransom requested by the bandit, they will continue to steal the cattle. kidnap the shepherds and kill them ”.

Alhaji Haruna Usman Tugga, president of the Miyyati Allah Cattle Breeders Association, Nigeria, told reporters in Kaduna on Friday that according to information held by his association, the trigger for this round of unrest is that unknown family attack . The bandits occurred in the town of Gora Gan in the Emirates on July 7, 2021.

It regrets that, “as a characteristic of deceiving the young people who instilled hatred of the Fulani herdsmen, the attack on the cattlemen occurred after the regrettable incident. Although the security agencies acted swiftly to curb the violence around Gora Gan and neighboring villages, however, some ethnic chauvinists from the Atyap ethnic group and other non-peaceful organizations mobilized the youth of Atyap, leading to Attacks on Fulani settlements across the Emirates In

days, all Fulani in the Emirates Houses were burned by mobs in broad daylight. ”

He said:“ In addition to the burning of settlements, an unknown number of Fulani herdsmen. As a result, the surviving victims of the arson are now internally displaced, scattered in neighboring local governments such as Koala, Kolo, Railay, Gema’a and Cachia.

Due to the nature of the attack and the displacement of the Fulani, we have not yet determined the total number of people killed, although there are conclusive reports that 16 people have been murdered, most of them women and children. According to reports, more than 300 houses of the Fulani people have been reduced to ashes in different villages in the chieftain’s territory.”


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