Full Video: Young Boy And Girl Busted Trying To Ch0p Themselves In Front Of Someone’s House

Since the weather keeps on triggering the libido and desires of some teenagers – not forgetting adults as well – many use every opportunity they get as an avenue for having s3x.

A young boy and girl have been caught on camera trying to have s3x in front of someone’s house around 10am today, sighted.

From the video shared on Facebook by Alpha Lands Estates, one could see the young boy trying so hard to caress the girl – probably his girlfriend – shamefully in front of someone’s house without any fear of being caught.

It appeared as though this was not the first time both the young boy and girl were doing a thing of the sort in broad daylight, but this time around the girl seemed uncomfortable with the act.

The caption read; “The guy wanted to fuck the girl right in front of someone’s house. Street sex at 10 am. OMG WHAT AN ADVENTURE.”

Watch video below:




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