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Funny Reactions After Presidential Source Revealed That Buhari Is Tired And Abandons His Duty 5pm Daily

President Muhammadu Buhari’ s undisclosed health challenges are taking their toll on his ability to perform his duties as he goes off duty at 5pm daily, a presidential source told SaharaReporters. According to the source, urgent national issues that can benefit the county are left unattended to by the President the moment it is 5pm Nigerian time and postponed till the following day.

However, Nigerians reacted massively on Twitter.


See how Nigerians reacted on Twitter below.

@pristine: Nigerian youths must resist every plan by a tyrannical dictatorship to turn their country into another North Korea.

Resistance ensures your survival and that of future generations but silence at this time will embolden them to execute their planned genocide in Eastern Nigeria.


@whistleblower: The Buhari we all know is not tired of his duty and he’ s not dead either. He must continue his duty. . . not now that the centre can not hold anymore he is tired. You see that mask wearer in Aso Rock is only a matter of time we will expose the Fulani janjaweed race to the world.

@chris: Truth is freedom will come at a costly price! Buhari will kill nigerians to remain in power but he wont be able to sustain it! We Nigerians must ensure that when he is toppled, he is made to pay the supreme price just like Mubarak of egypt and Bashir of Sudan!

@lee: Old story. . . nothing new, we Nigerians know that Buhari has been tired since he came to power the cabals are running the government that’ s why they are not ready to leave power come what may. Nigerians should be ready to fight their way out theose around him are too comfortable.

@don: How can he abandon a duty he has never undertaken? Abeg leave this yeye story. Buhari is a unproductive relic without a single value addition. Neither to himself as a person nor to the country he leads. His value is no different from that of a dressed mannequin.

@david: That man is not buhari, let me tell you one secret, they have two plan now, plan A is to continue after 2023, why B is for them turn Nigeria to Muslims country. But what I know is that there plan will fail, cause even that man they are calling buhari is tired of that seat.

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