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My Gate Man Collaborated With My Cousin And Stole From Me

I was working as a lawyer in Kisumu for about 5 years and then later given a promotion and a transfer to work in Bungoma town. During this period I was staying with one of my cousins from my dad’s side. I took her in after the husband chased her away with her child. The daughter was always away in a boarding school and so most of the times, we were only the two of us in the house.

I had grown so fond of Kisumu city and so I decided not to rellocate, I instead decided to get a personal driver that would help me commute every morning and evening from kisumu to Bungoma daily. On one or two weekends I would spend my weekends in Bungoma at a hotel and go back to kisumu after reporting to work on a monday,and so my life was left in the care of my cousin most of the time.

One friaday evening when I came back home, my cousin was not in the house and since I had a lot of work, I went to where I normally keep my laptops,ipad and a few notes but I never found them. Everything was all gone. I did not think for once my cousin would dare try to steal from me after I provided her with a roof over her head but I knew I had to ask her.

I tried to call her but she never picked any of my calls I then decided to call her parents but they also swored they haven’t seen or hear from her for the past three days. For a week, she never showed up at the house and she was not answering any of my calls. I was so disturbed because the ipad and laptop had my case files that I had been recently working on and being a lawyer I knew the police would not offer me a much more quicker solution.

I decided to share the story with a colleague of mine and she told me, “my dear just go and visit Doctor Mugwenu, he will ensure that whoever stole from you face the consequences and return all your belongings.”

She then gave me the contact information and booked an appointment to see him.

The following morning, I went to his workshop and explained everything to him.He then perfomed a spell on my house keys and gave me a portion to place on where I had kept my belongings that had been stolen. After that I went back home.

The next day,my gate man together with my cousin suddenly appeared at my doorstep. They both had swollen faces and hands. The two were endlessly crying and confessed that they have been conspiring to steal my stalk anr everything else inside my house,they also admitted to taking both my ipad,laptop and the cash which they then returned due to the pain they both were experiencing. At last I had my belongings and for the few items they stole, the two promised to pay. My cousin was later so ashamed of staying and she decided to move out.

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