How Gateman And His 7 Friends Forcefully Slept With Me – 16 Years Old Woman

A 16 year old lady disclosed to the police that, she was lured into an apartment by a gateman on her way to fetch water, where he tied her mouth and defiled her against her wish. He even invited seven of his friends to do the same against her wish.

The lady cried that, the suspect lured her in, with the promise of buying her a new phone, he then tied her mouth and perpetrated the act. He even called seven of his friends to do the same. This incidence was reported to have happened in Lagos.

According to the victim’s aunt, the matter was reported to the police after two weeks. The police said, how could it be possible for a 16 year old to stand 8 men. The victim has no case here. They should have reported the matter, the very moment it happened.

However, reports were made to another station and the suspect was arrested. Upon interrogation by the police, he admitted to his crime and even promise to marry the lady. The police set him free and he is now roaming the streets.

According to the victim’s aunt, she let the case go, because the police were exhausting her. The police used to call her to spend hours in the station concerning the case. And that is seriously affecting her business, so she let the case go.


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