I Gave My Boyfriend Money To Travel Abroad, After He Dumped Me For A White Woman

A young lady took to facebook to share her heartbreaking story about how she sacrificed and gave her boyfriend money to go abroad to work .After 6 years the boyfriend comes back with another woman saying he’s now married to the foreign woman .

The lady further explained that he gave the boyfriend money to go abroad so he can work be stable and then send for her ro also come and be together.

But many years passed with the guy still saying he is not yet stable for her to come when she insisted on using her money to come the boyfriends always gave excuses.

Now the man comes back married and is asking the girl how much he owes her for taking her abroad .

After making her wait for six years promising her lies that they will be together , he asks her how much he owes her ?

If you are this girl what would you do , Please advise her by leaving a comment below .


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