GBAS GBOS! ! ! You Will Be Jailed- Gov. Abiodun Warned These Set Of Workers; SEE Them


The governor of the state of Ogun, Dapo Abiodun, has threatened to imprison contractors or government employees who are indicted for violating building regulations in the state of Ogun.

Abiodun claims that if a government official or a contractor is found guilty of breaking safety and quality standards while constructing a facility, that individual will be condemned to prison.


The governor made the announcement on Monday at the Obas’ Complex in Abeokuta, during the Treasury Board Meeting on the Year 2022- 2024 Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and the 2022 Budget, which took place at the complex.

Abiodun revealed without a single fear that: ” I am coming up with a law that will send workers in the building industry to prison. ”


The governor emphasises that, officials of the agencies responsible for building control ” are susceptible to taking bribes, ” warning that, ” I am going to ensure that there is something in our law that will send the head of building control agency to prison if a building collapses in Ogun State under their watch. ”

In addition to revenue earning, as the governor pointed out, building agencies had a larger obligation than just that. They were also in charge of ensuring that due process was followed in compliance with the State Building Control Regulations.


According to governor Abiodun, it is not enough to punish any one that try to build more than the approved floor however, sentencing such victim to prison is the best decision.

It was recommended by Abiodun that punitive actions be implemented against individuals who went above and beyond the previously permitted limit.


I am very positive that the executive governor of Ogun State, Abiodun made that decision due to the deadly tragedy that happened in lagos state where 21- storey building collapse with many lives in it.

Do you agree with governor Abiodun decision? ? ?


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