“Why Is This Generation So Comfortable Disrespecting God? Aren’t You Scared?”- Lady Cries Out

God Almighty is not a man, he is the King of kings, the Eternal Rock of ages, the One who was is is to come, the Alpha and the Omega, All loving and merciful. He created us in his own image and likeness and charges us to live a righteous and holy life so as to make it back into his Kingdom, even after the first man (Adam and Eve) betrayed his love and disobeyed him.

God has shown us how powerful he is and how it is important for us all to fear him and respect him. Fearing God doesn’t mean being scared and avoiding him but rather respecting him completely. This is the point a lady was trying to make on social media after she questioned why this generation seem to be so comfortable with disrespecting God.

She went on to suggest that if we as humans hate being disrespected, what then makes us think God would be okay with being disrespected. She urged people who don’t believe in God to allow those who do believe in Him as they please and not disrespect their faith.

Here’s her message;

“Why is this generation so comfortable disrespecting God? Aren’t you scared ?”

“No one said you have to believe in God by all means live your own life but do not disrespect other peoples faith or religion just because you don’t understand it or care for it simple.”

“I don’t know why people think if you disrespect and dishonour God you will get away with it. God doesn’t want us to be scared of him but to fear him which means respect him. Us as humans hate disrespect what makes you think God allows it ?”

After she posted this message, there were a lot of reaction from people. Especially the same people she was addressing.

What do you think?

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