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How To Get Pregnant With A Baby Boy

Couples core dream is to have a bouncing baby but some are desperate to conceive a baby of one particular gender, that’s either boy or girl.

Studies shows that male reproductive cells contain on chromosome which is related to baby gender ,where a baby girl will have X chromosome and a baby boy Y chromosome. In addition, the sperm that fertilizes the egg determines baby gender.

Here are different things you can do to increase chances of getting pregnant with a baby boy;

  1. Shettles Method

It states that sperm cells are smaller and faster than female ones thus easier survival. In addition, it suggests that timing during peak ovulation day promotes chances of baby boy. Also, it recommends deep penetration and ejaculating deep inorder for sperm cells to reach egg faster.

  1. Timing

It is advisable to conceive on the most fertile days which mostly occur one day before or during ovulation.

  1. Diet improvement

One should feed on foods that influences PH of female private parts, mostly the alkaline which are sperm friendly.

  1. IVF treatment

Semen samples are placed in albumin solution where sperm cells movements are observed. They are later determined whether they are male or female.

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