A Girl Who Does Any Of These 3 Things For You Wants To Be Your Girl Friend (Opinion)

When a girl start developing feelings for you, she will be showing some signs. A girl who does any of the things we shall be listing in this article may be having a crush on you.

Some times when a girl is admiring you secretly, she will do something certain things that will let you know that she is interested in you. Generally African ladies don’t usually approach the guy they have affections for because they think it is ethically inappropriate for a lady to approach a guy.

Most ladies believes that approaching a guy they have feelings for will make them look cheap and desperate to him. Therefore instead of approaching a guy they have feelings for, they will prefer to use signs. These signs may include;

  1. Making eye contacts with you. When ladies are attracted to a guy, their attention is always drawn to him thereby creating chances for eye contacts.

  2. When a girl is touched with the kind of words you use on her. This is a sign that she has feelings for you. Its only those who has feelings for you that will cry when you use harsh words on them.

  3. When she calls you late at night to speak with you before she sleeps.

Apart from the fact that this act shows that she is missing you, it also shows that she is thinking about you. When you observe a girl who always calls you late at night just to talk you, she has feelings for you.

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