What You Should Do If The Girl You Like Is Ignoring You

Prevention is better than a cure. And I couldn’t agree more. By implementing smart dating advice, you can avoid getting ignored by a girl and improve your chances of winning her heart.

The following list of tips will help you prevent being ignored as well as encourage her to stop ignoring you.

Don’t chase her.

Avoid double or triple texting her.

Don’t plead with her for an explanation.

Don’t apologize if you haven’t done anything wrong.

Don’t send her a rude or angry response.

Wait for her to reach out.

Act indifferent to her ignoring you.

Indifference and inaction may just be your best friend in this case. Why? Well, chasing, begging, or blowing up at her will only make you look desperate, needy, clingy, and creepy.

Rather than get her back, it will affirm her decision to ignore you.

I also think it is unhealthy to reward someone for poor behavior. By chasing her, you are validating her decision to ignore you.

Someone who respects their time and effort wouldn’t sacrifice their self worth just to be with a woman who couldn’t give a damn about making an effort to be present.

Maintain your self-dignity and do nothing. This is a great way of testing her to see if she actually cares about you and the relationship.

If she does, she’ll come back. If she doesn’t, then she wasn’t worth the effort and you can pat yourself on the back for not belittling yourself by chasing her.


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