A Girl Might End Up Liking You If You Use These 4 Methods

It’s difficult to see a girl who would say she doesn’t have a guy. Some, not because they’re truly into a relationship, but just to keep some guys away. So, if a girl is telling you she has a guy, and you like her, don’t back off just like. Try the following tips.

(1). Don’t rush: a guy who has a crush might want everything to happen fast, but not in a situation when a girl has told you she has a guy. So, become friends with her, study her lifestyle to know things that make her feel loved, and gradually do those things. Taking a step at a time is the only thing that will make your approach to be effective.

(2). Make friends with her. A girl might not understand your personality, or want to associate with you unless you become close with her and show that you are a lovable person.

(3). Be kind to her. A girl might tell you she has a guy just to keep you away, but if she later realizes that you are a caring person, she might begin to like you.

(4). Ask questions. I mean questions that would make you know about the girl. Because you might not everything by studying her lifestyle. It’s also a way to show you are truly interested in a girl.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The point is if you’re having feelings for a girl, try to make her feel the impact of your likeness for her before you finally open up to her. Because even a girl who has a guy might end up liking you if you treat her like a Princess.

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