When A Girl Replies You ‘’I’ll Think About It’’, Just Know This

Some times it is really difficult to tell what a girl means when she replies you with this words ” I will think about it”. Most ladies may take it as a way of keeping you in suspense while others may use this words just to see how serious you are. But what is the real meaning of this word “i will think about it”? According to my research and consultations, i have come to find out that there could be many interpretations to this. It could be a positive answer and also it can be a negative answer it only depends on the tune that she uses.

Most girls prefer using this word because they don’t want to just say yes immediately. These girls who uses this words because of this reason are afraid of been regarded as a cheap girl. Most African women believes that it is better to waste a little time before accepting a relationship proposal because they feel doing this will make the man have more value for them.

Another reason why some ladies use this word is because the are not interested and they don’t want to hurt your feelings. Therefore it is very important to consider how she uses the word “I will think about it”.

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