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My Girlfriend’s Dead Boyfriend Couldn’t Leave Her And Our Relationship In Peace

Losing a loved one especially someone close to your heart is not always an easy thing for one to get over. Collette (my girlfriend) lost his boyfriend in a car accident in 2012. That was the most tragic thing that ever happened to her. However in 2017, she managed to get over what had happened and the two of us started dating that year.

Our relationship was going great until the moment when she started having dreams and hallucinations of her deceased guy. She would at times wake up in the middle of the night to sob over his death while am right by her side. At times she woke up and spoke to the wall claiming that the dead guy was conversing with her. It reached a point where she couldn’t sleep without holding anything that belonged to him too.

I was always so uncomfortable by everything that happened, at times it made me fear for my life too so as his boyfriend, I decided to have a one on one talk with her and advised her to see a therapist who might help her overcome whatever she was going through. My mom had a friend who was a therapist so we managed to get her to see him every day of the week.

At first, the therapeutic sessions seemed like it was working because she stopped every weird things she was doing earlier. However three days later, things became even much worse, she total refused to get rid of everything that bidden her with the dead boyfriend. One time she sent me a message saying, "My dead boyfriend does not want me seeing you anymore.

That was when I realized she had a problem only one man would be able to solve. So I took her to Doctor Mugwenu who asked her a few questions. After that the Doctor told us the deceased boyfriend wouldn’t let the two of us be happy because he was a jealous spirit just like he was during his lifetime. However he assured us that he can help the both of us. He performed a few rituals to help drive away the deceased evil spirit into our relationship.

My girlfriend has never hallucinated or sobbed about her deceased boyfriend ever since Doctor Mugwenu did the ritual on her. Our relationship was able to thrive after that big thanks to Doctor Mugwenu.
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