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Basically, if you look at our societies (mostly), we strive to uphold spiritual values by doing what is right and ignoring what is bad by insisting on doing so incessantly for the benefit of the greater good.

You may argue that there appears to be manipulation here, attempting to compel people to do what is against their will, but the fact is we should not recognize the extreme gratification or the evanescent elegance that will come out of our acts as we do it, but the implications that will come out of the behavior.

If we encourage nudity in our culture, our environment would be open to vices in the long run.

This is counter to our former Colonizers, who support a democratic ideology that stresses the value of personal liberty and political independence, with tight limitations on state intervention.

Their concept is to create a democratic society in which individuals may select for themselves what is right for them, whatever the implications might be of their acts.

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