Before You Go Out This Morning, Say This Prayer For God’s Help Today

Immortal God, I have come again before your throne of grace to render my supplications to you this morning, Please hear me Abba Father and answer me for I am poor and needy.

Glorious Father, as I welcome a brand new day this morning, I take my refuge in you, send forth your guardian angels to take charge of me and safeguard me from all grievances the devil will be inflicting into the life of men today in Jesus’ name.

My all in all, when all hope seems to be lost, you are always there for me, what can I possibly do without you Lord? Make today, being the 6th day of February to be a day of divine overtaking for me in Jesus’ name.

My father in heaven, I lean not on my own imperfect understanding, but in you do I rely on with all my heart, Please direct all my path today in Jesus’ name.

Above all, destroy and scatter every “follow follow” demon that is being invoked by the kingdom of darkness to cause harm to me or any of my family members today in Jesus’name. I decree that no weapon fashioned against us today shall prosper in Jesus’ name.

Thank you Abba Father, be thou exalted for prayer answered for in Jesus’ most powerful name I pray this morning.



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