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God Brought Me From The Dead Man Give Thanks After Escaping Benin-Ore Fire Accident In 2013

A Man who’s name is Kenny Williams Makavelishare a horrible memories and thanksgiving how he narrowly escape death at Benin-Ore fire accident in 2013, Shared past and presence photos.

He wrote:

It’s that time of the year again. The day of Special Thanksgiving is here. I celebrate today being the Seventh-year Anniversary of the Benin-Ore petrol tank accident/fire explosion where I became the only survivor of about seventy people that boarded that bus.. It still feels surreal to me that I’m alive today.

Oh how great is our God. His mercies endureth forever. I’ll praise Him forever until my last breath.. 05/05/2020 is a day I will never forget. A day of harrowing near-death experience.

The day I came face to face with death and saw my life just about to end in a flash.

In that state of pandemonium, I found strength and ran into the brutal, raging fire after making the harshest, courageous decision to survive against all odds..

Even if it meant me dying in the end, I was willing to do anything, use any means to be alive or die trying.. That day I realised and experienced God’s amazing love for me.. That day I was reborn and given a second chance at life.

That day I went into the fire, survived and became refined just like gold.. Today I am alive and well and I have found my purpose.

I am not better than all those people who died, neither am I even worthy of God’s grace. But in His infinite mercies, He saved me and He has kept me till today.

Today I remember everyone who diedon that bus and pray they continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord. My heart and prayers also go to the families and loved ones they left behind..

I’m grateful to God for sparing my life and for the years so far which have been successful. I was kept alive for a reason, to fullfill my purpose on Earth and leave my prints on the sands of time. I thank Him everyday for this second chance to live life differently.

For sometime now, I have been working on releasing my memoir detailing the events of that day and my road to recovery but it has been postponed shortly due to the ongoing pandemic.

But Godswilling, it’ll be available when the coast is clear and I’ll let you know when the time comes and I hope you’ll support me.

For now please join me in giving praises to God and share my testimony because I cannot thank Him enough!!!

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