God Doesn’t Live In Heaven And The Aim Of Christians Shouldn’t Be Heaven – Pastor Abel Damina

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The founder and Senior Pastor of Power City International and Abel Damina’s Ministries, Pastor Abel Damina has taken to social media to explain something about God. The Man of God is known for his controversial ways of answering some doctrinal questions and on more than one occasion, he has been criticized for saying some of the things he claimed.

But, in a recent video that was posted on Instagram, the popular Man of God asserted that God doesn’t live in Heaven as a lot of people believe and he further revealed the place where God stays. According to him, God doesn’t live in Heaven and has never lived in Heaven because, in the book of Genesis 1:1, it was written that “in the beginning, God created the heavens and earth”.

With this regard, it means God was actually living somewhere else before the creation of the heavens, earth, and all other things. Further speaking, he revealed that God was living in a place where no man can get to and that’s the more reason why the creation of heaven and earth came into action.

Both the heavens and earth were created to be of great benefit to Human and he also said that aim of being a Christian shouldn’t be to make heaven, rather all Christians should walk towards having Jesus Christ. With Jesus Christ in the life of a Christian, everything on this earth has been made available.

He also revealed that when a Christian gives his life to Christ and he works actively in him, that kind of person doesn’t need to bother about heaven again because being in Christ alone is like being in heaven.

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