This Is Why God Gave Me Free Cars And Houses That I Could Not Afford – Adeboye

Adeboye can be considered as one of the richest men of God, he is honored and highly regarded, even by the president of the nation but these things don’t come easy, they come with sacrifices.

In the Open Heavens devotional, he spoke about how it is very important for people to build for God and it’s benefits, he gave examples of people who benefited from this act including himself. He said there was a day that one of his sons heard that the church needed a huge sum of money to complete the RCCG auditorium and he gave it in the Naira denomination, only for the man to get back the same sum he gave back in a few days but in dollar denomination, that’s a huge multiplication.

Haggai and Nehemiah are written in the Bible and their main purpose of inclusion is the fact that they built for God. Building for God is something God takes personally and Adeboye said God will fight anyone who leaves the church uncompleted, he will have holes in his pocket and this is written in the Bible.

Adeboye himself testified about the goodness of the Lord for taking part in church building, he said he doesn’t like to see the house of God uncompleted and he has noticed what God does in return.

He said “I have discovered that in return, God has given me houses that I did not build and cars that I did not buy, including those I cannot afford.”

This is absolutely a good way to invest because you are very certain that you will get it back in multiple folds. Get involved in building the church today.


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