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GOD IS GREAT! ! ! See How This 4 Months Old Baby Survived A Fire Incident Caused By High-Tension Wire In Port Harcourt


A very sad and shocking news of a nursing mother who was killed in Port Harcourt on Saturday 2nd of October during a fire incident that occurred as a result of sparks from a high- tension wire.

From the story gathered, it was reported that the fire lit up immediately an high- tension wire fell on the roof of the victim’ s house, the victim whose name is Latifah Seyi’ s house is located at Road 24 Agip Estate.

It was reported that other buildings in the area were also affected by the sparks from the high- tension wire which led to the fire break out in the area.


People in the estate blamed the poor response of the fire service and also the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company for not responding to their distress call on time. They believed that if they had come on time the casualties wouldn’ t have gone that far.

Eyewitness and those who were present during the incident reported that the firefighters arrived at the scene some hours after the fire had been put out by those people around the fire incident when it broke out.

They were unable to rescue the victim because she had already given up the ghost before they could put off the fire, but her four- month- old baby was unhurt. WHAT A MIRACLE! ! ! 😮

” She was already dead before we managed to put off the fire, however, the four months old baby was unhurt during the fire, ” said an eyewitness.


Another person in the crime scene also tried to warned and educate people about the habit of building houses under high tension, he explained that the risk is much and also called on the government to look into this and find a way to end the practice.


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