God Na Your Mate? ? These People Died After Insulting God


It has been known since human history that all living things will one day die and humans cannot be excluded. However, there have been some unfortunate incidents in history with famous people attributed to God’ s punishment for their reckless expressions, which were considered blasphemy.

In this article, we take a look at four famous figures in history who died after being said to have offended God.

John Lennon had the world at his feet in his lifetime when he was a member of the most famous music band called The Beatles in the 1960s. As an interpreter at the side of today’ s music legend Paul McCartney, Lennon could not have asked for more at the height of his career and fame.


However, fame has a way of getting into people’ s minds and making them feel like they feel a lot more important than they really are. And he suffered that. In an interview in the 1960s and also at the height of his fame, Lennon was asked a question about religion. And that’ s what he had to say:

” Christianity will end, it will disappear, I don’ t have to argue about that. I’ m sure. Jesus was fine, but his subjects were too simple. Today we are more famous than him. ”


Many years later, on December 8, 1980, Lennon was shot six times in the head by a fanatic who probably found his words offensive so many years earlier. He died on the spot.

If there was one actress in the 1950s who stunned the world with her acting skills, adorable personality and beauty, it was probably Marilyn Monroe. The American actress was one of the most famous and richest personalities in the world at the height of her career.


But just like it was a trend with most celebrities, Monroe suffered from depression and resulted in him using drugs. One day she was visited by Billy Graham, who was then a young evangelist, during a performance and Graham told her that the Spirit of God had sent him to preach to her.

After hearing what he had to say, she replied, ” I don’ t need your Jesus, ” and left. A week later, Monroe was found dead in her bedroom. Her cause of death has been classified as suicide as the actress suffered from depression for years.


Thomas Andrews was a British engineer, businessman and shipbuilder famous for building the largest luxury ship of the 20th century, the Titanic.

The Titanic ship was the largest ship ever built in the history of the world and the first of its kind at the time. When asked how safe the Titanic was, he replied: ” Not even God himself could sink the ship” .

Well, you know what happened to the ” unsinkable” ship when the ship sank on its maiden voyage in the Atlantic Ocean in 1912 after hitting an iceberg and Andrews perishing along with hundreds of others.


Tancredo Neves was a Brazilian politician who fell seriously ill the day before he took office as president and died shortly afterwards. Neves had boasted during his 1984 presidential campaign that not even God would remove him from the presidency if he got 500, 000 votes from his party.

Fortunately for him, he received the votes and won the presidency, but tragically fell ill on the eve of his inauguration. He died 39 days later and never ruled the country.

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