“God Has No Pleasure In Seeing You Confused” -Bishop Oyedepo Says

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When you were little, did your parents ever give you any instruction you didn’t understand, and when you tried asking for clarification, they just shunned you? It happened to me a lot, especially with my mum. She would tell me to do something, and when I ask her how she wanted me to do it, she would give me this sarcastic answer. And I still got punished when I didn’t do it to her taste. Perhaps she expected me to know better. However, this is not how God behaves when he gives his leadership.

God will not hesitate to give further clarification if you ask him. Bishop David Oyedepo said it best when he said that God has no pleasure in seeing you confused. What will he gain if he gives you an instruction, which will fulfill his agenda, and you don’t do it because you don’t understand how to go about it?

Remember how the children of Israel destroyed Jericho? They received an instruction from God. When they were confronted with Jericho, they knew they would get the city, but they needed further clarification on how to get into Jericho. Joshua, in his time of prayer, had an encounter with Jesus, who revealed to him the strategy to break the city’s walls. He told them to walk round the city once for seven days and seven times on the seventh day. When they obeyed his instructions, the city’s walls sank, and they were able to enter and take the city.

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Imagine if Joshua failed to ask for further clarification; do you think he would have understood how to go about his God-given assignment? Exit your confusion today by asking God for more clarification, and when you do, he will surely answer. Be blessed.

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