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“GOD is Really a Creator” Here Are The Top 5 Strange Giant Sea Creatures You Have Never Seen Before




Sea animal strandings were a common thing in the area and people now have an explanation for the phenomenon, but no one yet knows where this creature came from and what its name might be.

There are many creatures we share this world with, who live next to us that we don’t even know exist. These creatures live in the same nature as us but we are often surprised or amazed when we discover them. Here are sea creatures unfortunately discovered after their death. Not knowing beforehand the real causes of their death will remain unknown to us.

1. Creature 13 feet long (About 4 meters)





A 4m long creature found dead on Bonfil Beach, a popular tourist spot in Acapulco, Mexico. It was gray in colour, slightly gelatinous in shape and texture. Since o smelled no rotting odor, it can be concluded that this unusual animal had recently died. And that’s all we know about it at the moment and hearing to find more explanation.

2. The Bear lake monster

Residents of Garden City Utah recently discovered the remains and carcass of a never-before-seen giant creature resembling a dinosaur. This discovery has given rise to many rumors regarding a certain legendary monster.

3. Another sea creature

A series of images of the mysterious Globster Sea creature that terrified locals as they bathed peacefully on a beach in the Philippines. The approximately 7 m long carcass has surfaced in the province of Espritoro Orientale and raised fears of an impending natural disaster. A part of the population believes that it is a whale but this hypothesis is not very certain. Researchers continue to find the origin of this creature and the causes of its stranding.

  1. Eyeless animal with a mouth full of sharp teeth.

it is an animal with no dead eye had its mouth full of sharp, sharp teeth and a huge cylinder-shaped body. โ€œIt was completely unexpected, it’s not something you always see on a beach,โ€ Desai BBC said. “My main reaction was curiosity, to figure out what it was, what it was about. And so far we’re still looking for explanations. See more photos.

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