“God Will Punish You If You Are AA And You Marry Someone That Their Genotype Is AA”- Young Lady

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The social media is a space where people can express their deepest thoughts and feelings without having to fear any physical confrontation or consequences, from anyone.

A lady well known on Twitter as Uzoamaka, has made a bold statement on her personal Twitter handle against a certain group of people with a distinct genetic feature that are currently in a relationship. According to Amaka, an individual with a genotype of AA shouldn’t marry a person with the same genotype.

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See her tweet below.

“If you are AA and you marry someone that his or her genotype is AA. God will punish you”
Genotype is the entire genetic constitution of an individual, from a single trait, group of traits or an entire complex of traits that make up an organism genetic formation which can be transferred from parents to offsprings.
The tweet above from, Amaka on Twitter has been causing a whole lot of reactions from her followers and friends, on the social media platform.

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See some screenshots of the reactions.

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