God Will Show You This 4 Things To Confirm That You Truly Love Someone ๐Ÿ‘Œ


When you’re in a relationship with someone and you actually do love this person, God will often confirm this to you in these four ways.

1 – If you know you are ready to commit the rest of your life to this one person, this is a sign you truly do love him or her. It’s good to have a desire for someone to like them to want to be near them to be physically attracted, and to be in agreement with them on important issues. But if there is no commitment, this relationship is not the type of romantic relationship God had in mind.

When he made the special bond between a man and a woman and marriage, it’s certainly okay to not know if you want to commit to this one person you are dating for the rest of your life. But if you are unsure about this still, it is not true love, yet, true love and loyalty can never be separated. True Love will always reflect God’s love because God is the pinnacle of what true love is.


2 – If you are willing to hurt this person, when you know it will help this person. This is a sign you truly love him or her. When we think of loving someone, we often believe this would mean that we would never hurt them. But making sure someone is always happy, and is never challenged in any way is not the highest form of love. The reason God allows us to experience pain sometimes is that he knows it is often the best thing for us.

For example, when we are treating him in a dishonoring way, God will allow this sin to cause us pain. So we will come to our senses. Sometimes we have to say or do hard things to truly help this person that we love. It’s not loving to let someone speak harshly to us. It’s not loving to let someone harm themselves repeatedly with addictive behavior for us.


3 – If you are willing to sacrifice some of your desires for their desires, this is a sign you truly love this person. I don’t believe it would be wise to throw away all of your goals and dreams you have just so you can be with someone. Usually, when God leads you to the person he wants you to marry, there will be some symmetry in your life projections.


But no two people will always see eye to eye on every big decision in life. So when it’s true love, you will be willing to compromise on big choices. Like when to get married, when to have kids where to live, what career choices you make, and how much time you spend at home, versus doing things on your own.


4 – Your fear of opening your heart to this person will not outweigh your choice to still do it anyway when you truly love him or her. You don’t have to be without fear to truly love someone love is present. When you decide this person is worth the risk of facing your fears of opening your heart to someone. In the Bible. There is no verse commanding us to trust other people. We are commanded to trust God, but we are not explicitly told to trust people.


So does this mean God does not want us to trust people? No, but it does mean we are not called to trust everyone, and we should be wise and who we decide to trust. We must also, however, be accepting that at some point, this person will not deserve our trust anymore. A harsh word a lie, or some other sin will sever the deservingness of this person. But when you truly love this person, you will forgive them and you will choose to trust them again, not because they deserve it. But as a gift of your love. Sometimes the trust should remain broken. But when true love is present and God wants you with this person. You will give your trust as a gift of love. Not because someone deserves it.

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