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Gold House in Nigeria, the Most Expensive House in Africa as of 1960s (Photos)


A very historic gold marvel house of late Mai Deribe located in Maiduguri , the most expensive and most beautiful house in Africa and one of Worlds 20 best palaces (as of 1960s).

As a result of this individual efforts of late Alhaji Ahmad Mai Deribe for building this mega palace in Maiduguri city, It resulted in attracting worlds first class personalities that had never dreamed of coming to Africa to visit Maiduguri.

As a result the Deribe palace had hosted His Majesty King Juan Carlos of Spain who after coming he told us the people of Borno and the Kanuri people in particular that the republic of Spain has in its archives the history of the people of KANEM-BORNU that dates back to as far as a 1000 years.

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This house also hosted His Majesty Prince Charles and late Princes Diana of England. This house also hosted President Geoge W. Bush as well as the Prime minister of Canada among many other great personalities.

In view of the above if the Taj Mahal palace is a blessing to the people of Agra and India as a whole then we can say that the Deribe palace is a blessing to the people of Maiduguri and Africa as a whole too.

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Apart from this building Alhaji Mai Deribe also established many companies both within Nigeria,Senegal,the United Kingdom and USA which provided job opportunities for thousands of people.

Some of his companies and organisations in Nigeria includes the Dalaram soft drinks company which a capacity of producing 1 million bottles a day,the Deribe Hospital, Deribe Islamiya school,Deribe shopping complex,Deribe Hotel,the Cavendish,Deribe Motel and thousands of houses ,ware houses,spaces and houses which created job opportunities for thousands. In fact in the 1980s he was the single largest employer of labour outside the governments in Nigeria.

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The people of KANEM-BORNU are proud of your individual efforts Alhaji Ahmad Mai Deribe and may the Almighty ALLAH grant them a place in JANNATUL FIRDOUSSI…Ameen.

Please we are sorry that we can not post more photos of this house beyond these ones out of respect that it is a private property. But the little posted is good enough for the enlightenment.

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