GOOD NEWS TO Biafran Agitators As Nigerian Government Finally Opens Windows For Political Solution To Agitations


The Government of Nigeria has stated that it is ready for any type of solution, including a political one in order to solve the problems of secessionist agitations across the country.

Abubakar Malami, the Minister of Justice, and the Attorney General of the Federation, made this known in Abuja on Wednesday while briefing journalists.

He pointed out that no criminal behavior would ever go without punishment, adding that the Nigerian government had been using amnesty to solve some security challenges rocking the country. He said that the possibility of trying a political solution could not be exempted.

The AGF also talked about other matters, including the present disagreement between the Nigerian Governors Forum and the Federal Government, and other cases.

Reacting to a question regarding the willingness of the Federal Government to consider a political solution on Igboho and Kanu’ s cases, the Justice Minister stated that such approach was not yet on the table, but would not mind giving it a try once how to go about it was brought to the limelight.


He said, ” As far as security situation is concerned and as far as governance and this administration is concerned, ” noting that, ” But then there has to be an approach for government to consider. ”

Malami pointed out that he could not be preemptive in saying that reconciliation was being considered with zero approach being made.

He further disclosed that it was the approach that the Nigerian government ” will look into for the purpose of looking at its weight, the authenticity of it, the good faith associated with it and then bring about the considerable factors relating to the negotiations or otherwise.

” So it is not a conclusion that one can outrightly make without juxtaposing associated facts relating to the reconciliation. There has to be an approach and then a counter consideration. ”

The AGF stated that no approach regarding that was available for them to look into yet, but saying that the government would look into it when it got to that level.


” So no approach in that respect is on table for consideration yet. So we’ ll cross the bridge when eventually we get to that; when perhaps a type of request is made, we’ ll consider, ” he said.


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