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Is It Good For A Pastor To Lay Hands On A Woman’s Private Part While Praying For Her?

However, according to the Bible, it’ s does not seem as a sin while praying because when the spirit is in control anything may happen in any moment.

Actually, by the earliest prophets of God like Prophet Elijah because according to the story of how he raised a widow’ s son when God asked him to go to the land of Zarephath, so as soon he reach he was so hydrated and since it was God that sent him He also told him to moved along that he will see a stream.


Suddenly Elijah did as well as he was told when he reached the stream he saw a widow fetching water he finally asked her for food knowing that her son is not feeling normal. When she took Elijah to her house she made a snack when he finished eating, God also told him that he should go straight to a small hut house and raised a boy from dead, Elijah did by not asking the widow if her son is not feeling well, He just carry him up and started praying, when he was praying he touched him all over his body and God totally answered him.

imagine that, also in the book of Isaiah 33: 24 that, And the inhabitant shall not say, I am sick: the people that dwell therein shall be forgiven their iniquities, meanwhile God himself didn’ t keep sickness to his children that is he normally send his prophet to locate and solve our personal problem that we could able to tell one another.

Conversely there’ s a life story about how a woman was suffering from breast cancer after she delivery a child. After one month later she started feeling some pains on her breast, she went to hospital for a certain test, but they doctor told her that she is suffering from breast cancer, when it was about to operate it God revealed a prophecy to a prophet in Assemblies of God during their revival.


And the asked the pastor to told her that she is about to go to an operation, she was very excited about that prophecy that since is God that is saying it she will be free from it, and the pastor pray and touched her breast by rebuking the Satanic power.

Immediately he finished with the prayer, an unbelievable miracle happened and that woman did not feel any pains. she was free from breast cancer.

finally when it was time to take out the operation, she went and do test but the doctor did not see any thing. And he tell her that she is free from cancer.

In my own opinion it is not a sin for a pastor to touch a woman body while praying because he might see something that is not normal in your body.

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