GOODBYE TO BANDITRY! Miyetti Allah Finally Drops Bombshell Ahead Of 2023 Poll As They Reveal What Bandits Truly Deserve


On Sunday, Naija News reported that the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has been told on several occasions to declare bandits as terrorists.

HURIWA, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, the National Assembly, and other groups or institutions in the country have written to the president in the past week to make him understand why bandits must be identified as terrorists.

Meanwhile, the aide of the president in the person of Femi Adesina had recently stated that there is no clear reason why bandits should be identified as terrorists because they are being treated like a terrorist by the armed forces and other security agencies in the country.

Despite the statement and argument about what should be done and not be done to the bandits in the country, a group identified as Miyetti Allah has said that those who threatened the peace of the people in the country should be proscribed with immediate effect.

On Sunday, Miyetti Allah told president Buhari that bandits have taken the lives of innocent people and that is enough to justify why they need to be proscribed with immediate effect.

Speaking about the 2023 presidential election, Miyetti Allah kicked against zoning by saying that zoning does not determine the future of Nigeria.


In the statement sent to Naija News by the spokesperson of Miyetti Allah, Alhaji Sadik Ibrahim Ahmad wrote that ” Whether you’ re Yoruba, Hausa or Igbo, once you are competent, you should be qualified enough to lead the country. ”

” The issue of zoning cannot be and will never be a democratic process. People should go for leaders with integrity If we want to unite ourselves. ”

” Our leaders are the ones creating problems, confusion, and regional crises among us. As far as I am concerned, the nail must be hit on the head, who are the terrorists? ”


” Terrorists are people who try to destroy legitimate activities of society, they are not productive if the FG is serious, they should do the needful and provide a lasting solution to incessant killings by the so- called bandits. ”

Aside from the statement made by Alhaji Sadik Ibrahim Ahmad, Naija News alleged that a Nigerian scholar, Sheikh Ahmed Gumi has recently the federal government against kicking against Banditry or proscribing the group.


In his argument, Sheikh Gumi acknowledged that what bandits have done is very bad and unfortunate but he, however, stated that bad things may happen if bandits are proscribed.


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