Goodluck Jonathan Must Come Back To Power In Order For Zoning To Work. - Mc Ebisco Goodluck Jonathan Must Come Back To Power In Order For Zoning To Work. - Mc Ebisco
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Goodluck Jonathan Must Come Back To Power In Order For Zoning To Work.

First of all I would like to say that i have lost all my trust in the APC led government, due to how things are going about in the country. Considering how Nigeria is now, such as the division, Fighting, power dragging and the issue of the North saying they still have 4 years left to rule, while the south is saying it’s their turn for the presidency to be zoned to them. Now in a situation like this, the only person I can think of that both the south and north can come together in agreement and bring into power is Expresident Goodluck Jonathan, he is the only that can bring peace and unity to this country that is about to break up.

Let us face some facts, Goodluck is not the ambitious type, neither is he into power struggle, he is quite and peaceful, he is the type of man that can reconciles with all his enemies, he is also the type that doesn’t take law into his hands. Goodluck Jonathan is the only one that can bring all political party together, if he can represente PDP in the presidential election, I believe that he can also represent any other political party in the country.

This person that we are all talking about, has set so much examples and has proven himself to the whole world, that he is a true Democrat. You will never see Goodluck fight with any body politically, and this makes many political leaders to be at rest with him, this is one of the reason why every top wig in the country gives him respect.

No matter how influential he is, Goodluck Jonathan will never rig or interfere in any political party election, Goodluck is not begging to become president, rather he is being offered the chance to come back and settle peace among all the regions in our country, indeed the north may have their own agenda to support him, but as for me it works well for everyone’s benefit vis visa, in terms of achieving greater peace. Having 4 tenures left and being a man of peace, is what makes him the most prefaired candidate for the 2023 presidential race.

The caculation of the North is that they have 1 tenure left, but no man from the North would want to rule for just one tenure, because according to our constitution everyone has the right to contest for two tenure. So if they allow a southener to rule according to zoning, it will be seen as cheating to them when a southener will now rules for another 8 years, but if the southener will agree to rule for just 1 tenure, then power can now be returned back to the North, for them to rule a complete 2 tenure rather than one tenure, but no southener also would want to rule for just 1 tenure, so to the North zoning is not looking balanced. The only way for zoning to be balanced in this country, is if Goodluck Jonathan would agree to come back and complete his remaining one tenure.

To the north, Goodluck Jonathan is bound by law to rule for just one tenure, so in other words he can not force his way for another second tenure, plus he is the only one that can hand over power peacefully back to them. On the other hand, the southeners never cheated the north when it comes to zoning, because it wasn’t their fault that Yaradua died untimely, southeners do not see it fair at all for the north to rule a long stretch four years tenures at once.

I would love to see Goodluck Jonathan come back to power and create a better restructuring platform in our country, because in his past tenure as a president, he created a confab that brought people together from all geopolitical zones, to bring about the restructuring of this country.

The way this country is going about currently, I don’t mind which ever political party Goodluck Jonathan may decides to come from, that if he truly plans to contest, for me he is only best option that this country can offer in a present situation like this. I am tired of the dictatorship which has led to the abuse of human right, loss of life and bad economy. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Please don’t fail to let us know your own point of view on why Goodluck Jonathan should or should not come for presidency through the platform of the APC, even if it is given to him there on a platter of gold.


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