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I Got To My Girlfriend’s Place And Heard Her Saying While Having Sex With My Older Brother: “I Love Your Manhood, It Is Huge And Sweet Than Your Brother’s, Ingiza Yote”

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Two weeks ago, my brother called me and told me he wanted to come and stay at my place for
few days because he had an interview to attend which was closer to my place. Siblings help each
other and I thus invited him over. When he came, I decided to take advantage of that time to
introduce him to my girlfriend whom I was intending to marry.

Since he was my older brother, I wanted him to first know my girlfriend before I took her home
to my parents. I thus invited my girlfriend over to my house for her to meet my brother. When
they both met, my brother loved her so much and congratulated me for having such an awesome
woman as my girl.

The next day, he went to the interview and afterwards, he told me he would go see a friend of his
and sleep at his place, which was totally fine with me. I was still at work and I decided to pass by
my girlfriend’s place an hour later to see what she was up to. I bought her some flowers and ice
cream so that I could surprise her.
In reaching at her place, I was shocked to find my brother’s shoes at the door. On listening at the
door, I almost collapsed when I heard both of them having sex.

“I love your manhood, it is huge and sweet than your brother’s, ingiza yote,” I heard my
girlfriend saying while having sex with my brother. I was so furious that I instantly stormed into
that house and started beating and scolding them both for their betrayal. However, my brother
managed to chase me out of my girlfriend’s house and they continued fucking each other.
I was so hurt that I went home and cried my hurt out. I called one of my friends at the office and
told him of what was happening. He told me to handle the situation by visiting Doctor Mugwenu
who would teach them a lesson for disrespecting me using his spell casting powers. I called the
doctor on 0740637248 and ordered for a misery spell which would make my brother regret
sleeping with my woman.

I went to see Daktari the day after and he cast the spell for me. A day later, my brother called me
and cried that his manhood had grown so huge and painful such that he could not wear a trouser.
My girlfriend also called me and said she had wounds all over her body. I laughed at the them
because they had finally learnt their lesson. I dumped my girlfriend and my brother begged me to
forgive him which I did.

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