“I Got HIV From My Sugar Mummy At 18 And Have Lived With It For 13 Years” A Man At 30 Confesses.

HIV seems to be a deadly disease that kills if not managed properly. Today, there are thousands of people living with HIV that looks more healthy and happy. So understand that HIV is not a death sentence, all you need do is to take your appropriate drugs.

A man named Harrison Levi Knowles was born and brought up in Tetu in Nyeri County. There is this elderly woman that likes him and always buys sweets and goodies anytime she comes back from journey.

This advanced lady promise to take him away from the village and give him a comfortable job after his education.

He left the village to Nairobi Kenya where the woman was living. They lived together and his only work was to make the woman happy and satisfied. He lived comfortable and happy with the woman for one year.

According to him, the woman fell sick and he took her to the hospital. He then overheard the doctors talking about her current health condition and her HIV status, he was shocked and scared. Few days later he went for test and was confirmed positive.

He went back home and had a fight with his sugar Mummy which led to serious arguments.

He was angry and left her house to his parents house and explained the situation to his father. He was furious and gave him a severe beating and injury.

He faced discrimination from his family members and friends, he became frustrated that he had to go back to the woman house.

When he arrived, he met another man in her house and they forced him to become an errand boy. Few months later he got to meet an old time friend that introduced him to prostitution. His life became terrible but a turning point came when he offered help to a couple that was harassed by ladies.

The couple like him and adopted him, they took care of him and today he is now a better man.

Do you know that Mr Levi Knowles is a HIV and AIDS ambassador? His life has changed and he has been a source of hope to people living with HIV and AIDS.

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