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How I Got Married To The Man Who I Met For The First Time In My Mother’s Shop – Lady Narrates

Sometimes, it is advisable to give love a chance no matter what we think or what we’ve heard about that particular person.

My name is Oge Beatrice. I met my husband on October 2016 and this was how we met.

It was a cool Sunday when a man came to my mum’s shop. He greeted me, sat down and said he wants to see me. In my mind, I was like who is this fine man because we have never met and neither have we known each other before.

I later went. This man told me that he saw me one day when I was going to the market and he immediately liked me because I looked gentle. He also told me that in his heart he was saying that I am his wife.

After everything he said, I told him that I will think about it. I went back and told my mum about him. My mum’s advice was that I should run that the man looks like a 419.

Two weeks later, I secured admission into the University. This man came around again and requested for my phone number. I gave it out to him.

Because of what mum described him to be like, I decided to test him. I used my new sim to dial his number. When he picked, I changed my voice and told him that I am one of his coursemates while in school. I told him that I love him and also said many other sweet things. But the reply he gave to me was very shocking.

He told me that he was in love with only one girl, though the girl haven’t accepted his proposal yet but he will keep on trying. He also told me not to be angry that he can’t love another girl.

With what I heard, I decided to give him a chance in December 2016. The journey wasn’t a smooth one because he was in Abuja while I was schooling in Abia State.

I almost gave up on the relationship due to the series of issues we had but this man tried all his best to make it work.

We later did our traditional marriage on the 5th of December, 2020.


This post was made today on a Facebook group identified as Women In Nigeria And Diaspora (WINAD).

Below is a screenshot of some of the things Oge said in her post:


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