Gov. Masari Reverses His Position, Asks President Buhari To Declare A State Of Emergency In Katsina And Other States


Aminu Masari, Katsina State Governor, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to engage in dialogue with agitating groups to address the country’ s security concerns.

To tackle criminal activities in the north, the governor has urged that the federal government declare a state of emergency on insecurity.


Governor Masari made the call on saturday while opening the 2021 third- quarter of The Conference of Speakers of State Legislatures of Nigeria.

Remember that the governor had previously rejected requests from prominent Nigerians and the House of Representatives for the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency in the face of insecurity.


He had previously stated that establishing a state of emergency would not alleviate the country’ s insecurity situation, as well as opposing the idea to deploy troops throughout all states.

However, at a meeting on Saturday, Masari reversed his position and requested that the federal government proclaim a state of emergency on insecurity to combat bandit activity in Katsina.


The governor went on to say that the decision would put an end to the deaths and destruction of property across the state, as well as establish peace and stability.

He stated: ” In Katsina state, our major problem is the security challenge we are facing in some parts of the state. With the support of the state house of assembly, some legal frameworks were put in place, while the existing ones were restructured in order to address security challenges.


” Issues of conflicts with different pressure groups could be resolved through dialogue with stakeholders and other relevant groups to avoid the loss of lives and destruction of properties being experienced in almost many parts of the state and the country.

” I wish to call on the federal government to declare an emergency on the nation’ s security in order to bring an end to the loss of lives and properties across the state.

” Security agencies are putting in their best to address the security issues across the country, but more has to be done to curtail the activities of bandits, cattle rustlers, armed separatists and other criminal elements across the country. “


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