Gov. Wike In Rivers State: A Ray Of Grace, The Feats So FarGov. Wike In Rivers State: A Ray Of Grace, The Feats So Far
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Gov. Wike In Rivers State: A Ray of Grace, The Feats So Far

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Gov. Wike In Rivers State: A Ray of Grace, The Feats So Far

As apart of its objectives to hold government accountable, the TrackNews Nigeria

is honouring and recognizing Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State as the Best Performing Governor within the past 7 years because of the unbeatable feats of the Wike-led administration.

In this documentary, we are showing the evidence of the new colours the Governor has brought on infrastructure.

It is unequivocal that he has fulfilled his electoral manifesto during the campaign processes and served the people of Rivers State faithfully in all developmental areas, especķially on infrastructure.

Thus, we are not flabbergasted that Governor Wike was easily given the chance to rule the people for another four years after completing his first tenure. It is on this that we bank on. The people would have failed to cast their votes for him again had it been he had done nothing then.

In his first tenure, Governor Wike inherited a comatose Rivers State, as has been widely reported and acknowledged, even by his detractors; the commercial economy had dilapidated to an alarming proportion, critical infrastructure had generally deteriorated beyond palliative remediation, and there was pathetic fall of structures across all spheres.

Badly negotiated private-public sector investments had quickly crumbled and been burdened by never-ending litigation, and foreign investors’ confidence had dwindled to insignificance as a result of a devastating blow dealt by an administration mired in denial and buck passing. Similarly, social existence was suffocating under a draconian autocrat who ruled his fiefdom with dictatorial impunity.

Huge state resources had sunk into projects such as the Monorail and Justice Adolphus Karibi Whyte Specialist Hospital, while a proud peoples’ collective trado/cultural essence had been mortgaged and was on the hem of being completely annexed to a potentially slavish alliance.

Governor Wike took office in such perilous and crippling circumstances.

BUT, Wike hit the ground running and embraced the new challenge with a firm, astute, and focused administrative acumen in the pragmatic style we have come to admire over the last seven years.

Rivers State’s landscape and ambience have undergone incredible transformations in the last seven years, with the provision of generational historic, breathtaking, and functional development.

These incredible strides were made possible by an even greater leadership vision that is both responsive and impressively futuristic, both in visionary conceptualization and altruistic intent. Indeed, the last seven years of his administration have flown by at an astonishing and, at times, awe-inspiring pace, as captured in some unforgettable installments commemorating his daring, firm, courageous, determined, and unwavering commitment to selfless and patriotic service, both to his beloved Rivers people and to the benefit of Nigerians.

A fair and objective evaluation of his administration’s achievements over the last seven years will reveal that arguably no sector in the state has not been positively reformed since May 29, 2015, and the definitive testimony of his dedicated, visionary, and progressive leadership was showcased in stages, as eminent Nigerians joined him to commission legacy projects.

Governor Wike’s unambiguous verdict is that the only person who can realistically beat his impressive developmental record is Governor Wike himself, and this assessment has been corroborated by a flood of awards from some of the most respected institutions and establishments, the most notable of which is Silverbird Communications’ Extraordinary Man of the Year.

How far has infrastructure development progressed in terms of roads, bridges, rail, air and seaports, and so on?

Some of the legacy projects include the Cassava Flour Processing Plant in Oyigbo, the Mother and Child Hospital in Rumuomasi, the Opobo/Nkoro Road, the Odufor-Umuoye Road in Etche, the Umueze-Umuogberi-Eberi Road in Omuma, and the Rehabilitation Centre in Iriebe.

The Rivers State University (RSU) Senate Building, Isaiah Odolu Street, GRA, Herbert Macaulay/Nzimiro streets, Rumuigbo Street, and William Jumbo-Ernest Ikoli-Eleme streets in Old GRA, Port Harcourt are also noteworthy.

Community Secondary Schools in Obiagu, Oyigbo, and Eteo will be inaugurated, as will Eleme, the National Union of Rivers State Students Secretariat, and Pabod Breweries/Oginiba Roads.

The Peter Odili Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease Treatment Centre, the Rumueprikom Flyover, the Trans-Kalabari Road, the Bori-Kono Road, the Aluu-Omagwa Road, new RSU campuses in Emohua, Etche, and Ahoada, and projects at the Nigerian Law School in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State are among the other projects set to begin construction.

Furthermore, the state government will open the Government Secondary School, Kpor, Gokana, Ogbunabali/Eastern Bye-pass Road, Ogbakiri Internal Roads, Omerelu Internal Roads, and the Abonnema-Obonoma Sand Filling.

The Woji-Aleto-Alesa , Mgbuitanwo Roads, Okochiri Internal Roads, Okrika Sandfilling, reconstruction of the Government House Jetty, and laying of the foundation stone for the new University of Port Harcourt Convocation Arena would all be featured during the period.

Rivers Governor personally stormed Ogbodo community forest in Ikwerre LGA and Ibaa community forest in Emohua LGA of the state to uncover illegal crude oil refining sites located in those communities in a pragmatic display of what strong, bold, and fearless leadership should be. As a result, Rivers residents can now breathe clean air. As we approach the 2023 general elections, the man known as “Mr. Quality Projects” across the country may yet receive a national crowning glory.

Two major talking points have defined Governor Wike’s administration and shaped his impressive leadership style, as well as the brilliance of his strategic administrative acumen on the home front and at the national level, over the last seven years. The first is that Governor Wike has repeatedly stated that his administration will protect the welfare and interests of Rivers State and every Rivers indigene, and that Rivers people will only accept the best.

Governor Wike has delivered admirably on this promise, securing the State’s oil wells through resounding legal victories.

The second distinction is that he has become Nigeria’s only Governor to exhibit genuine brotherliness, strategic brinkmanship, and all-encompassing accommodation across political divides. He is also an effective advocate, arguing against constitutional oversights and misinterpretations in the implementation of true federalism, economic and fiscal restructuring. Governor Wike also encourages states to investigate and capitalize on their comparative advantages rather than relying on FAAC allocations and federal handouts to survive.

One admirable aspect that has not changed in the last seven years is that he is still widely loved, admired, and adored by the people of Rivers State, and is now even more famous as Nigeria’s champion in grassroots’ politics. The last seven years of his administration have been replete with outstanding achievements, ground-breaking events, and the inception of legacy projects that have not only transformed the landscape of the state impressively, but have also attracted an avalanche of awards and chieftaincy titles from home and abroad, adding to his attractive gallery of plaques and silverware.

His strong pledge to impact every local government area with at least one memorable project and to leave no unturned stone for his successor is fully on track.

“Nothing is more important to us than Rivers State, our people, our interests, our treasures, our vast resources and assets, our accomplishments, and our greatness. As we look forward to the coming months, all I can say is that your continued support and prayers inspire us to believe that our best days are ahead of us, and that by working together, we will undoubtedly accomplish more to move Rivers State forward”, he said.

One of the key promises Governor Wike made to the people of Rivers when he took office in 2015 was to embark on comprehensive urban renewal and to actualize the indigenes and residents of the local government areas’ long-held desire to be able to connect and access the rest of the State via tarred roads and durable bridges.

The Port Harcourt and Obio/Akpor capital territories are undergoing massive construction as restoration works such as underground drains, sidewalks, green areas, and street lights on most roads in the Old and New Government Reservation Areas are nearing completion.

This is in addition to the three flyovers that were built concurrently. The fourth flyover bridge across the GRA junction, as well as the accompanying dualization of Ezimgbu Road and the dualization of Tombia Extension, GRA to connect Ikwerre, will all be completed on time.

Construction works such as the dualization of Kira – Sapkenwa – Bori – Kono, straddling three local government areas in Ogoni heartland, is almost completed and the construction of Oyigbo (Mbano camp) to Iriebe, linking Oyigbo and Obio/Akpor Local Government Areas

The Alesa-Agbonchia-Oyigbo road connecting Eleme and Oyigbo Local Government Areas of the State, as well as the Rumuakunde and Isioudu communities roads in Emohua Local Government Area of the state, have also been virtually completed.

Similarly, the second phase of Isiokpo Community internal roads in Ikwerre Local Government Area has been completed, and construction works on the 16.85-kilometer Rumuji – Ibaa – Isiokpo Road in Emohua and Ikwerre Local Government Areas have passed the 90% completion level, while dualization of the 23-kilometer Omoku – Egbema Road in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local

The 21.3-kilometer-long Odufor/Akpoku/Umuoye road in Etche Local Government Area has since reached 70% completion, while the Aker-base road in Obio/Akpor Local Government, the Ula Ehuda-Odioku-Anwunugboko-Ubeta-Ihuechi-Odiereke road; the Odiokwu internal road network in Ahoada West Area.

The Governor Wike administration has vigorously pursued the completion of the long-abandoned roads to the coastal communities of Opobo and Andoni in the state’s Opobo/Nkoro and Andoni Local Government Areas, as well as the Ogoni – Andoni – Opobo (Unity) road, through a combination of unwavering commitment and a visionary drive to ensure the delivery of excellent and legacy infrastructure projects. In fact, Opobo Ancient Kingdom citizens have been able to drive home for the first time in centuries.

With the construction of the flyovers, the Rivers State Government, already aware of the traffic build-up that already overwhelms critical points in the city, is taking concrete and proactive measures to address and resolve in the future.

In addition to reducing traffic congestion, the projects promote youth empowerment and skill acquisition for indigenous engineers, as well as creating jobs and empowering local contractors.

For example, Julius Berger Nigeria PLC would train 20 indigenous engineers during the contract period as part of the government’s policy on youth empowerment and skill acquisition, and this is just the beginning. If not for the Coronavirus outbreak, which has severely hampered robust operations and activities, the prospects would have been more expansive and comprehensively favorable.

Wike has provided first-class socioeconomic infrastructure, and kept the state and businesses safe and secure, despite the unexpected outbreak of Covid-19 and the contrived attempts by internal and external forces to frustrate and create diversionary.

“We know it is not going to be easy given the very poor state of the national economy and the spinoff effects on ours,” Governor Wike said during the first year of his second term’s address to Rivers people on May 29, 2020.
Editorial Notes
Compiled By:
1. Ibekimi Oriamaja (Eastern Reporter, Track News Nigeria.)
2. Adeleye Kunle (Western Reporter, Track News Nigeria.)
Edited By: Mohammed Oluwatimileyin Taoheed
(Senior Editor, Politics Desk at Track News Nigeria)

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