Governor Uzodinma Lashes Out At The Army For Burning Houses In The State


The action of soldiers who burned houses, shops, and vehicles of residents of Awonmanma in Oru East Local Government Area of Imo State last Monday in retaliation for one of the soldiers allegedly killed by unknown gunmen in the area was described as ” inappropriate response” by the Imo State government yesterday.

Two Wrongs Don’ t Make A Right

Declan Emelumba, the State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, addressed on behalf of the governor.

The governor claimed that two wrongs did not equal a right. He did, however, order a complete inquiry into the origin of the crisis and the magnitude of the property losses involved.

The governor, who denounced the killing of a soldier and the torching of Awo- omama villagers’ property, vowed that his administration will help the victims recover from their losses.

The happenings at Awo- omama in the state’ s Oru East local government area have astonished and appalled the Imo State Government, ” the government said. The heinous act was both terrible and preventable.

The government strongly condemns the assassination of a soldier by so- called unknown shooters. On this dreadful Monday, November 22nd, this soldier, who was on a lawful job to guarantee free flow of traffic and preserve lives and property, did not deserve to suffer such a horrific death.

On the other side, the administration deplores tales of enraged troops wreaking havoc on the community’ s property. The indiscriminate burning of innocent residents’ homes and businesses was not a suitable reaction, because two wrongs never make a right. There are compelling reasons for the government to suspect that there is more to the tragic tragedy than meets the eye.

As a result, His Excellency, Senator Hope Uzodimma, Imo State’ s Executive Governor, has ordered a high- powered inquiry into the occurrence to determine the origin of the crisis and the resulting loss of life and property.

As a result, the government asks both sides to exhibit extreme moderation and keep the peace while the inquiry is ongoing. ” The government recognizes the significant sacrifice made by security agencies, as well as the risks involved, in order to maintain lmo for all law- abiding residents. In addition, the government reiterates its request to state security agencies to always follow the rules of engagement as outlined by their respective services while carrying out their lawful missions.

Communities, on the other hand, should constantly work with security services to track down and apprehend criminals in their midst.

” Finally, the government expresses its heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased soldier while deeply sympathizing with the victims of the crisis, promising to take immediate measures to mitigate their losses while ensuring that such a heinous incident does not recur, ” the Imo government said.

Soldier Killed While Carrying Out An Operation

The Nigerian Army, on the other hand, has revealed how a soldier was killed during an operation in Imo State’ s Oru East Local Government Area, when forces dispersed supposed IPOB militants who were setting fire to villagers’ homes.

IPOB members burnt ablaze the properties of innocent citizens to compel them to comply with the sit- at- home order, according to a statement issued by Major Abubakar Abdullahi, the Acting Deputy Director, Army Public Relations, 82 Division Nigerian Army.

” On November 22, 2021, troops conducting Exercise Golden Dawn dispersed IPOB/ESN hoodlums carrying out arson while implementing the banned group’ s unlawful sit- at- home order at Awo- mmamma village, Oru East Local Government Area of Imo State.

” In order to persuade residents to obey the illegal order, IPOB/ESN criminals harassed, intimidated, and physically abused commuters going about their lawful business. ” The thieves went even farther, setting fire to shops and residences at Ishieke junction (on the Owerri- Onitsha highway) in retaliation for locals who refused to obey the illegal order.

” The hoodlums who had previously stopped the roadway set fire to a commercial truck on its way to Onitsha. ” Responding quickly to panic calls from motorists and store owners, vigilant troops engaged the hoodlums in a shootout and dispersed them.

” The forces tracked the hoodlums to their hideaway in Oru East LGA’ s Akatta Community, where one of the group’ s members was killed in a gunfight. While the military fought the hoodlums in their hideout, other members of the organization gathered at Ishieke intersection and set fire to the homes and businesses of law- abiding locals, claiming that some persons had offered information to the army.

” The military returned to the intersection to disperse the hoodlums once more. Unfortunately, a brave soldier paid the ultimate price in the defense of the people, ” the Nigerian Army said in a statement.

Attack On Police Station

Meanwhile, unidentified gunmen stormed and burned down the Arondizuogu police divisional headquarters in Imo State’ s Ideato North Local Government Area yesterday.

According to reports, one of the police officers was killed in the attack.

According to reports, the gunmen chopped the Divisional Police Officer’ s head.

Vehicles parked at the station were also burned, according to a source.

Arondizuogu Divisional Police Headquarters was assaulted by gunmen. They assassinated a cop and set fire to the station.

They also caused the DPO a wound on the head and damaged his Jeep and a division sienna car, ” the source added.

Micheal Abattam, the state police public relations officer, acknowledged the attack and said that Rabiu Hussaini, the state commissioner of police, has ordered an inquiry into the event.


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