Grammy Winner, Marília Mendonça, Dies In Plane Crash

Grammy winner, Marília Mendonça, dies in plane crash

26-year-old Brazilian Grammy winner, Marília Mendonça, has died in a plane crash on Friday after sharing a video from the flight.

According to a statement posted on her Twitter account, the plane crash took four other persons: Marília’s music producer, Henrique Ribeiro; her uncle, Abicieli Silverira; the pilot and co-pilot.

It was reported that the aircraft had descended in the area of Caratinga, in Rio de Janeiro’s north.

She was traveling from Goiânia to Caratinga for a show which was scheduled for Friday night before she met her untimely death.

The Som Libre record CEO, Marcelo Soares, has reacted to the incident. He said, “An enormous tragedy. Marília was an amazing person and a unique artist.”

She won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Sertaneja Music Album in 2019. Her YouTube page has amassed over 14 billion views.

Presidente Jair Bolsonaro has reacted as well, saying, “We feel like we have lost someone very close to us.”


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