Great Shock In Southern Kaduna! See What Gunmen Did To Them Again On Friday


There was a commotion in a community in Southern Kaduna as some unrecognized gunmen were reportedly said to have launched a fierce attack against them on the early of Friday, 5th of November, 2021.


An illustrative photo of properties destroyed by the gunmen

These gunmen were said to have been trying to ambush the community several times ago but failed due to the resistance made by the men of the community.

However, it was a painful thing on Friday when they failed to resist the attack as the gunmen perpetrated this crime in a way that could not be noticed by them.

This attack has left many dead and properties destroyed.


A person who was also a victim of the attack spoke to newsmen immediately after the bad incident.

He made it known that these gunmen had been attempting to kill everyone in the community for so long but were not successful.

They were not successful because they used to halt it by being prepared and vigilant.


Unfortunately for the community, the gunmen were able to catch them at last.

They ensured that they killed many of our people and destroyed their properties.


As a result of this attack, many are yet to find an abode.

Numbers Of Residents Killed, Yet To Be Known

According to the man who spoke to newsmen, he said that many inhabitants of the community were brutally killed by the gunmen. Their body could be seen lying on the floor.

The number of people killed as a result of the attack by these gunmen is yet to be made known at the moment of putting down this write- up. Nonetheless, many would have been killed.


Also, there is no report as to whether the gunmen kidnapped some of the denizens of the community or whether they achieved a particular aim other than obliterating and destroying their properties.


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