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“I Grew Up In An Orphanage And Always Wanted A Family But SARS Made Me A Widow” – Mother Of 3

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Before the protest began proper itself across the states, thousands of innocents Nigerians have lost their lives be it in the hands of SARS or through police brutality. The current situation of the country has made more people share their story especially after the candle light that was held yesterday and in this article, here’s another sad story and another reason SARS must end.

No doubt we have seen lots of stories but this particular one got my attention after a mother of 3 narrated how she lost her husband and eventually became a widow through the cruel hands of SARS.

According to the woman who shared the story online, she grew up in an orphanage and always wanted a family of her own and when she eventually got one, it was cut short as SARS operatives made her a window in 2017 after losing her husband.

Note : Due to sensitive pictures in the Post, I had to blur it. Since the post emerged online, it has gained lots of retweets online.

For this reason, the mother of three is supporting the motive for SARS and police brutality to end.

I believe this is one of such many cases out there and I hope everyone would get justice at the end.

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