GUMI RECEIVES STERN WARNING! ! ! Stay Off Yoruba- Land- Igboho's Mother And Kinsmen Reacts To Sheikh Gumi's Visit -
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GUMI RECEIVES STERN WARNING! ! ! Stay Off Yoruba- Land- Igboho’s Mother And Kinsmen Reacts To Sheikh Gumi’s Visit


Sheik Ahmad Gumi, an Islamic cleric from Kaduna state, has paid a visit to Igboho town in Oyo state, where Yoruba Nation activist Sunday Adeyemo alias Sunday Igboho was born.

Gumi was spotted in Igboho town with Prof Usman Yusuf, the former chief executive officer of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), according to Legit. ng.

In a viral video obtained by Sahara Reporters, Gumi and Yusuf can be seen standing in front of a Muslim Grammar school signboard in Modeke- Igboho.

He stated that he has seen no reason for people to advocate for their separation from Nigeria.


Sheik Gumi expressed his thoughts as follows:

” Today we have visited this town Igboho, it is a Muslim community and we can see some cattle grazing in their courtyards.

” This is a place I think Nigerians need to understand that we need to live together. Because I have seen nothing here to warrant people to agitate that they should be separated from our beloved country, Nigeria. ”

Yusuf, for one, emphasised that it was the elites, not the general people, who were splitting Nigeria. He stated that the general public is the same.

He explained:

” This is Igboho made famous by a detainee in the Benin Republic. Nigeria is one and we will always remain one. The towns we have been to which include Ilesha, you see churches, you see a mosque, you see Fulanis, you see Yorubas all coming together. ”



Meanwhile, supporters of Yoruba Nation agitator Chief Sunday Adeyemo alias Sunday Igboho, his mother, and kinsmen have warned the controversial Islamic preacher Sheikh Ahmad Gumi to stay away from Yorubaland.

Gumi was seen in a video clip claiming to be in Igboho town for a visit, prompting the warning.

Gumi’ s visit to Igboho town, according to Igboho’ s mother and supporters, was ” suspicious” and ” insensitive. ”

Sheikh Abdul Raheem Aduanigba, Chief Imam of Yoruba in Ilorin, escorted others, including Igboho’ s mother, to the same site where Gumi took his video during his visit to the town, in another viral video obtained by The Nation over the weekend.



Hundreds of supporters of Chief Sunday Adeyemo alias Sunday Igboho, his mother, and allies have gathered in Igboho town to pray to ‘ nullify’ the impact of a cleric’ s visit, Sheik Ahmad Gumi.

During his visit to Igboho town, Gumi was spotted in a video clip.

Many Yoruba authorities, including the Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Adams, have criticised the visit.

Sheikh Abdul Raheem Aduanigba, the Chief Imam of Yoruba in Ilorin, accompanied other Yoruba Nation agitators to Igboho town, where they met with the mother of Sunday Igboho and visited the location where Gumi made a video during his stay in the town.


In an interview with our correspondent, Aduranigba revealed that he and others, including Igboho’ s mother, visited the Muslim Grammar School in the Modeke district of Igboho on Friday evening, and that people of the community reported Gumi’ s visit was not welcomed.

He said, ” Yoruba people are worried about Gumi’ s visit to Igboho and I went to Igboho town with some other persons to find out what happened. I visited the Kabiyesi, Onigboho of Igboho (Oba John Bolarinwa) and he told me that nobody gave Gumi land in the town.

” The people of the town also said they didn’ t know when he came and they said he must not come again. He is the spokesperson for bandits. They (residents) did not want him to ever come to their town again.

” We don’ t want what happened in Igangan to happen in Igboho or anywhere in Yorubaland. The people of Igboho said they don’ t want him and that he must never come there again. We don’ t want bandits here, we don’ t want him to use religion to deceive our people and we were happy that nobody gave him to land there. ”


Meanwhile, Gumi’ s visit to Igboho town has sparked a storm of controversy. In a video, the Kaduna- based preacher can be seen standing in front of a Muslim Grammar School signboard in Modeke- Igboho that stressed the importance of a united Nigeria.


Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, is a Yoruba Nation activist and a native of Igboho, the seat of the Oorelope local government area in Oyo state, according to The Punch.

According to JoseyWrites, Chief Abiodun Fasasi, the AOD’ s national coordinator, said that Gumi’ s visit was part of a plan to ‘ Fulanise’ the Oke- Ogun area in a statement released on Thursday, September 9.

The group warned the region’ s traditional rulers to be aware of insiders who were willing to sell out to terrorists.

According to Sahara Reporters, the organisation was alluding to a recent video that showed the Islamic scholar with Prof. Usman Yusuff, a professor of haematology- oncology, during his visit to Igboho, with the argument that the visit was for the country’ s continuing unity.

According to Fasasi, ” the apex sociopolitical group in Oke Ogun, Alliance For Oke Ogun Development, uses this medium to charge the federal government, the Oyo state chief security officer, Governor Seyi Makinde, to look into this case and nip in the bud.

” We also call on our traditional rulers and the entire people of the state to be at alert against individuals that are strangers and might portend danger to our wellbeing. “


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