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Gunman arrested after shootout that lasted hours in drug raid gone wrong (See Photos)

A gunman has been arrested hours after he got into a shootout with police officers who arrived at a home in Philadelphia to arrest him on a drugs warrant.

The shootout started at about 4:30 pm local time and lasted for about 5 hours during which the gunman injured several police officers trying to arrest him. Two officers were trapped inside the house with the man for around five hours but were eventually freed by a SWAT team at night. Other officers were forced to jump out through windows and doors to get away from a barrage of bullets.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said “that went awry almost immediately.”

Police sergeant Eric Gripp confirmed this morning that the gunman had finally been taken into custody. He also said six officers were hit by bullets but have been released from hospital. Three people that officers had taken into custody in the house during the drug raid before the shooting started were also safely evacuated, police said.



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