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Gunmen Have Done It Again! See What They Did To This Pastor


Starting from the beginning of this year, there has been news emerging from Reporters about the cases of Gunmen attacking innocent souls in Nigeria. They have been kidnapping old people and young children. In addition, those who failed to comply with their guidelines are being killed.


These Gunmen have done it again. They have committed their horridness again as usual. According to what I learned from the Daily Post, the Gunmen has attacked a Pastor in Kaduna State. They did not just attack him, they also put him to death.


The Pastor has been said to have gone to his farming work some times before he was killed. However, when he was retiring from work, he meant his saddest moment in life. It was at the time when he was coming back home, already tired that he met these wicked elements. When they saw him, they did not just shot him with their bullet, they also ensured that they ” fired their bullets” on him.


An eyewitness could confirm that the Pastor was not the only one who was shot. ” As they were coming back from their work in the evening, they just met these (Fulani men holding guns) Gunmen, and fired their bullets at them” , the eyewitness narrated.

According to the residents of the area, they suspected that Gunmen might have carried out the work, beholding that they are living in peace.


What The Gunmen Did Was Unpleasant

This is a real tragedy. These people had never committed any crime. They were just coming from work and all of a sudden, they heard the noise of Guns. Not knowing whether to run away or not, they soon realized that the Gunmen had come for them. They were shot oftentimes.


These Gunmen went away without being caught. These things, however, can not continue to happen this way. The Government needs to do the needful so that these tragedies will be minimal.


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