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‘Because A Guy Said Protesters Were Wasting Their Time, Our Driver Ordered Him Out Of His Bus’ – Man

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When a particular group of people is out to fight for a common course, anyone who’s against it is usually considered a traitor. Other members of the group try as much as they can to disassociate themselves from him like he’s an outcast. Some may even want to kill him at once if not for the laws guiding us and the consequences thereafter. Imagine going for a meeting to build something that will be beneficial to the whole community. While everyone is on, for it to be carried on, someone suddenly decides to kick against it. You know how they treat such person right? Possibly he could be kicked out of the gathering immediately.


This protest has brought many Nigerians together as everyone is out to fight for a common goal. Even some older persons who initially felt indifferent about it have also joined the course as it’s all for the good of this generation and those to come.READ FULL ARTICLES HERE

More so, a man by name Ifeanyi has narrated an experience he had yesterday on his way home in a bus he entered. According to him, while the bus was on transit, there was another passenger in same bus who kept on berating the protesters, saying that they were actually wasting their time protesting, Instead of perhaps, seeking for better things to do. While he was saying so, the driver of the bus stopped and asked him to get down despite the rain. He refused to go down only for other passengers in the bus to drag him down. Out of pity, another passenger added that the driver was wicked to have asked him out since it was raining. The driver in response to that in Igbo language said, ”i choro iso ya?” And he responded, ”biko ka anyi gawa” which can be translated as;


Driver: ”Do you want to go down with him?”

Passenger: ”Please let’s go”

See below:

Funny as it sounds but you shouldn’t underestimate the power of the masses for when they collectively set out to do a particular course, there’s bound to be result at the end.

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