For Guys: 10 Things That Every Woman Secretly Wants From Her Man But Wouldn’t Tell You.

Relationship comes with ups and downs, as those are actually inevitable. The success of your relationship largely depends on how well you understand your partner, and going the length to make sure things are done correctly.

For the guys out there, these are the things your woman secretly want you to do for her.

1.Show that you care.

When it comes to relationship, caring for your partner can never be too much. Caring is different from being around her always or always following her around. That is not it. Caring in this sense means being sensitive to things that affects or bothers her at times, and showing interest in some of the things that matters to her. Many guys tend to overlook this, or always misunderstand this concept.


A relationship without romance is like using a phone without internet. The both of you might get bored quickly especially the women, who are very impatient when it comes to issues like this. Let romance spice things up as the both of you deserve a break from all the troubles of the world to have a quality time together.

3.Good fashion sense

Not many women will tell their men how to dress or what to wear, but trust me, your woman secretly wish you know how to dress better if you’re the type that has a poor fashion sense. Women love men that dress confidently as they make them feel more proud of their man.

4.Don’t hide your flaws.

Every one has a weird side. Infact, everybody is weird in a way or the other. The joy of being in a relationship is that it gives you the opportunity to balance each other out and that can be achieved only if you’re sincere about yourself. Don’t hide your flaws to impress a woman.

5.Don’t try to change her completely.

People can have conflicting personalities or have different choices of some things, but it’s not sensible if you wish your partner is exactly like you 100%. That is impossible and not in human nature. Your partner can only adjust to what you want and not completely changed.

6.Talk to her more often.

In this era of technology, it can be very easy for you to be on your device more often than before. A woman loves it when her man creates time for her specially. Talking to your partner face to face more often shows that you really value her above your phones or any other forms of distraction.
7.When to let her be.

Over familiarity is not healthy for a relationship especially when the both of you have just started dating. Giving her the space she wishes for is important, as it shows that you have a life of your own. Another aspect is that, you should never try any further when she’s clearly not in the mood to talk and so you should leave her at that moment.
8.Learn what she wants in bed.

When it comes to bedroom romance, traditional has it that men decide every thing. Most women secretly wish their men understand that it is a two way thing, and that what and how she wants it counts too. To have an enjoyable time together under the sheets, you need to listen to what your woman says.
9.Allow her to wear your shirts.

This might sound weird but women are very funny and weird at times especially when they are really into you. They love to feel that every thing about you including your clothes! So don’t be surprised if you see your woman rocking your t-shirt.
10. Don’t be afraid to talk about the relationship.

Many women wish their men know how they want to hear the updates about their relationship. Where is it leading to? Most men are in the habit of keeping things late because they want to “hurt her feelings”. Remember that women don’t have the same privilege as men do when it comes to marriage. Men can get married at anytime but women can’t: it’s either too early or too late.

Let her know your plans for her.

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