Guys: Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should Never Have An Affair With A Married Woman

In our society today, infidelity has become the order of the day, people no longer have respect for their marital vows. You see different cases of married men or women having extra marital affair, or a romantic relationship outside their marriage. Most young men in a bid to get easy money fall for some of these unfaithful married women, and end up keeping a romantic relationship with them.

On the other hand, some of these ladies might not even tell you that they are married. Nevertheless, whether you are in it for money, or she lied to you about her marital status and you later found out, here 4 reasons why you should end such relationship immediately.

1) She might be emotionally manipulating you.

She might come with lies and make up stories of how badly her husband treats her, in order to justify her actions or make you feel good while you’re doing the wrong thing.


2) You’re are practically breaking a home.

By having an affair with a married woman, you are directly breaking her home in the sense that she would no longer have enough time for her home. And she would be emotionally withdrawn from her husband.

3) You are endangering your life.

Men are often enraged, and do not take it lightly when they find out that their lawfully wedded wife is having an affair with another man. If you are caught, the man might do something that would put you in a constant state of regrets.

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