Guys: 5 Simple Ways To Punish Your Girlfriend When You Are Spending The Night With Her.

The below will show you how to make your girlfriend suffer during the night when you are sleeping the night at her place or vice-versa. Please do things only when she has done something and you want to punish her with this thing. Please never practice this on a normal fun day. Let me remind you, these can cause relationship breakup so please be careful.

How do I do?

  1. Avoid the use of lubrication: This is one on the way the will swallow her with pains, lubrication allows penetration to happen easily, so when lubrication does not take place, it makes her feel severe pain.

  2. Avoid using the rubber thing: I hope you understand the thing (rubber thing) that am talking about?, if you do not understand, comment below for more explanation. The use of the rubber thing caused lubrication which ensures smooth penetration, so when you avoid it, it will really be caused her pains.

  3. Do not turn her on before starting the process: When you turn her on before you start the process, know that you just lubricate the engine, and she will or might enjoy it more than you.

  4. The use of BAZUKA: Those who have been using Bazuka will not let me talk much. It will elongate your male organ for that period for you.

  5. The standing style: To make her sleep is to pamper her, to make her stand is to show her the real world, the choice is yours.

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