Guys Check Out What It Means If A Girl Bites Her Lips Like This

Body movements can be used to say alot of things, you don’t even need to open your mouth to say anything to anybody. There are certain ways you move your body, there are certain signs that tells alot of story.

There are alot of body movements ladies give out that can be quite confusing, I know most of these signs due to the fact that I am also a lady. There are different body Languages that ladies show, ranging from hair flipping to biting of lips.

Let’s take a look at why a lady bites her Lips

1. She likes you

Not all ladies are good at expressing their feelings, most of them show you they are attracted to you by biting their lips anytime you look at them.

2. She is shy

Some ladies can be very shy and the only way they show this is by biting their lips, it is very normal for shy ladies.

3. She is nervous

Most times when one is nervous they result in biting their lips, they mostly do this out of fear.

4. She just loves biting her lips

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