‘Guys Come & Ch0p Me’ – Ghanaian Lady Calling Guys For “$£.x” (+Video)

A slay queen on social media has taken her trade to another level after she openly invited men to come and ‘chop’ with her for money.

In the video which is already making rounds across social media, the slay queen could be seen inviting guys to come have s#x with her and give her money.

“Boys, show us something so we know what’s going on; daybreak and we have to know what’s up” she said

“Have you guys seen how I’m hard up? Yes, I’m really hot so you guys should come and ‘chop’ so that I can get some money to check my what’s up” she added.

“We want to collect your cash; yes we want to collect you so come. I need your ‘rod’ so come and ‘chop’ so you give me some cash, I really need money” she said while smiling.

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Watch the video below.




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